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No business can succeed without good ties and relationships with other companies in their field. GPSL partners with all of the following companies to enhance the services that it can offer:


Operamed FZ


Operamed provide a very comprehensive approach to providing modular operating rooms and intensive care units within hospitals and clinics. Their expertise and knowledge ensures the provision of modular units with all of the required systems and technologies.




RMA Engineering


RMA is GPSL’s architectural and design partner with more than 20 years of experience in the construction and engineering industries. They offer a fully multi-disciplinary approach to all of your needs around construction management and  design services.




ItelteBased in Italy, Itele supplies radio shielding materials and technology for hospitals. Through them we can ensure that you have the most cost effective and robust shielding for your project.



MGO  Corp


MGO Corp of Australia are our chosen suppliers for high quality magnesium boards. They are a fully certified manufacturer and supplier of top quality boards in this region and across the world.




Sanco is one of our main partners for the provision of equipment in the medical field. They offer everything from scanning electron microscopes to some of the most robust tablets that you will get for field work.



PWWinsun Global


PWWInsun Global is a world leader in new construction materials and technologies with a focus on 3D printing. They can provide solutions that are just not possible with more traditional methods. They focus on 5 main areas within their business:

CRG – Glass Reinforced Gypsum for special internal wall finishes.


SRC – Glass Reinforced Cement for internal and external panels suitable for construction and bespoke architectural features such as staircases.


CMS – Non-Organic Stone alternative for any flat surface.


3D Printed Structural Walls and Floors – Full structural component solutions.


FRP– Fiber Reinforced Plastics for Customized 3D printed furniture.





ARTECINT  is a full service consulting firm providing urban planning, architectural and engineering consultancy, civil engineering and construction supervision services,  in both public and private sectors.



PMP Training by ZainelabdainTahaYasainMBA, PMP, CCP, RMP, SP

Fully Qualified PMP Trainer to enrich your Project staffs already extensive knowledge. Various courses are available.




SolarcreteSolarcrete is a global sourcing specialist for the construction industry and can provide almost all materials through their various sources including some of the largest sourcing groups throughout China. They project manage the delivery of your materials to ensure you get them just when you need them.



Al Inmaa

Al Inmaa

Al Inmaa is a Dubai based company that offers building maintenance and construction support for the industry there. Founded in 2014 they have proven themselves already to be a reliable and effective company in all that they do.

Al Inmaa2


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